We are Grimsby's Boys Basketball U16.   

We utilize the sport of basketball as a tool to teach our young athletes about basketball and life.  We create a learning experiences which will help our players achieve excellence, through skill development & fun. This is accomplished by providing a foundation in the many individual skills required to be a strong basketball player. Equally important, our coaches teach their players to use these skills effectively as a team.   


Practice Facilities

GSS - Grimsby High School 

BDSS - Beamsville High School

LDSS - Lincoln District High School

Nelles Elementary School

Blessed Trinity High School

Grand Avenue Public School

2017/2018 Season summary

Grimsby Grizzlies U15 Boys basketball team wins silver medal at the Ontario cup finals. 

     The Grizzlies U14 Team ended their 2017 season with a disappointing finish of the season dropping in ranking and finished in division 13 and ranked 112th in the province. The team and their new coach Sam Alaimo we’re determined to improve and establish Grimsby basketball success. The team came together early for summer camp and that season has been a full year of commitment of hard work and coming together as a team.
    The Ontario cup was held in London, Ontario May 11-13, 2018. The Grizzlies playing in division 7 (six divisions higher then the previous year), we’re ranked second to last out of the 8 Teams in division 7. “We set our sights high with emphasis on winning the Ontario Cup, while using our season tournament and league play as preparation for the provincial cup competition,” said head coach Sam Alaimo. “Winning the Ontario Cup: that was the goal for the season".

    The first game was against the Waterloo Wildhawks. They knew they were in for a tough game because they faced this team before and lost in a blowout by 31 points. But the team wasn’t going to be denied their chance to win a medal at the cup final. They defeated the Wildhawks 47-41 and then went on to defeat the Milton stags 49-46, and the Mississauga monarchs 58-50. The team played a very high quality of basketball but lost their final game to Guelph 68-52. 

     "I am very proud to have had the opportunity to coach these boys throughout the season as I have seen them grow and mature as players and young men. It was a perfect end to a long and demanding season, as we got better after every game and challenge,” said coach Alaimo. “I couldn’t be prouder of the intensity, focus and competitiveness of our team. It was a tremendous experience for everyone involved. We came together at the perfect time of the season and proved to ourselves that we could get it done. 2019 This is our time...”